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December 29, 2008

Happy December 29th!  I’m sure it’s a holiday somewhere.

The UPS truck pulled up to the house today while I was playing Tiger Woods golf on the Wii.  I was surprised because we weren’t expecting anything.  It was a CD called Adrienna Valentine by Trent Wagler and Jay Lapp.  It was a gift from a guy at work.  I had never heard of these guys before but they’re very good.  They play Americana Roots stuff.  I’ve only been able to listen to a few songs, but I really like it so far.  Jay is a mean mandolin player. 

My favorite Christmas present this year was from my brother Jason.  He was the only person that used my Christmas Wishlist post in selecting a gift for me.  He is hooking me up with a new WordPress blog that he is going to host on his server.  And he bought me my own domain – www.mandoron.com!  I’ve got some work to do to get things up and running over there, so look for the big switch in the next week or two.

We are looking forward to watching the OSU Cowboys play Oregon tomorrow in the Holiday Bowl.  Unfortunately, a trip to San Diego wasn’t in the Burgess budget.  Did you know that the Oregon ducks have 384 possible uniform variations?  That’s crazy!

On Wednesday, Andrea and I will be celebrating our 14th Anniversary.  I’m trying to figure out where to take her for dinner. 

On Friday, we’ll be attending a funeral.  We got a call on the day after Christmas that my step-mother’s middle son, Jay, had passed away in the night.  He was only 24.  It was unexpected and they still aren’t sure what happened.  As you can imagine, the family is in a great deal of shock.  Please pray for my step-mom Jana, and the rest of the family.

Please also pray for my brother Jason and his wife Chevy.  Chevy had a miscarriage the same day that Jay passed away.  That’s really got to suck…  It was a sad day.


Sunday Setlist for December 14,2008

December 16, 2008

I’m a little late to the party, but hopefully there is still some fun to be had…  This week’s installment in the Fred McKinnon Sunday Setlist extravaganza is tardy due to some serious birthday party fun on Sunday followed up by Jett’s actual birthday yesterday…

So without further ado, the setlist from GracePoint:

All in all, a pretty fun Sunday.

Joy to the World was a rocked up version.  All of the K-5 kids came up on stage and danced for the first two songs.  They were hilarious to watch. Ed has posted a video on Facebook, but you may have to be Ed’s friend to see it…  I’ll try to prod him into putting one out in the public domain.  It’s a cool version.  I like it. 

Repeat the Sounding Joy was another amped up song that the kids danced to.  Rod had to do some heavy sampling on the keys to pull this one off, but it was solid.

Wholly Yours is one of my favorite DCB songs.  We always play the ending like it is on the radio version, and not the longer ending off the album.  It was perhaps a little mellow to start the off the abbreviated worship set with.

My Savior My God is another good one.  I love the dynamics of the song.  Apparently I enjoyed it a little too much because I broke a string on this song during the second service.  The remaining three strings didn’t leave me much to work with…  I was late getting in to listen to the sermon in order to replace the string.  (Thanks for letting me borrow your wire cutters Bruce!)

Yesterday continued in the Beatles-themed series “Let It Be Christmas”.   In the original recording, the guitars are detuned a whole step, so we played it a step higher, in G, to avoid detuning… 

Let It Be was used for the offering.  It was pretty solid.  Rod’s Hammond came in handy.  And Bruce nailed the guitar solo.  This was my first time to actually play with Bruce.  Very cool guy.

Christmas Wishlist

December 6, 2008

I thought I’d share my Christmas Wishlist with you before I send it on to Santa.

First and foremost, I’d like to replace my 1996 Lumina with a new car.  Preferably a Mazdaspeed 3.


But I’d also take a Volvo C30


Or a Subaru Impreza WRX


And a customized license plate that says “MNDORON”.  It would look good on a new car.

A new custom-designed WordPress blog theme. I’m thinking about going away from the free WordPress.com thing to a self-hosted WordPress blog, but I don’t want to put the time and effort into it.  Now if someone were to take care of it as a Christmas present for me… now that would be cool.

To expand my musical horizons… an oval hole mandolin, something relatively inepensive like this Eastman 604 would be fine as long as it has been Mandovodoo’d.


A five-string electric mandolin.  I like the Mann SEM-5 Electric Mandolin with a cool custom finish.


A new Acoustic-Electric guitar.  Not sure what brand/model, as long as it’s nicer than my Ibanez, sounds good, and looks cool.  I’m willing to trade the Ibanez in to defray some of the expense for Santa.

You can’t go wrong with an itunes gift card.


Boss DD-6 Digital Delay pedal

Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor pedal

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal

Rock Band 2 for the Wii.  Not that I have a Wii, but you never know what the kids will get for Christmas…


A firewire recording interface like the PreSonus Firebox to improve my home recording capability.

Some new socks and underwear wouldn’t hurt either…

Share-It Saturday, October 4

October 4, 2008

Welcome to the first October installment of Share-It Saturday. Enjoy the links.

Hump Day Happenings

September 24, 2008

Andrea and Jada are watching Dancing With the Stars because the Jonas Brothers are making an appearance.  I wasn’t interested until they came on and one of them was playing electric mandolin, an 8-string Epiphone Mandobird.

Wednesdays alway make me think of Eskimo Joe’s.  Every Wednesday they have the Hump Day Special, and you can Little Joe burgers cheap.  Two of those and some cheese fries and you’re good to go!

The cool (and edgy) people over at Deadly Viper have a new thing going called Love Takes Balls.  This is all part of their People of the Second Chance campaign.  I’m honestly struggling with this a bit.  I agree with the spirit of it.  But my Southern Baptist upbringing is welling up.  I can’t say that I’d be comfortable wearing a t-shirt with the logo on it. 

I’m working on a couple of cool things for the blog.  In order to get some “real” content (which I’ve been struggling with as of late), I’ve invited a couple of people to write some guest posts.  Should be some cool stuff coming in over the next month.  I’m also pondering a recurring Musician Monday where I interview musicians.  Stay posted.

Mandolin for Sale – Sold!

September 21, 2008

The mandolin is sold, but feel free to read anyway…

It’s time to part ways with the mandolin that put the “mando” in MandoRon.  I’m selling my first mandolin, a Kentucky KM-380s.  It’s going on the market because I don’t ever play it since I bought the Breedlove, and I need to fund an in-ear monitor purchase.

The specifics:

Kentucky KM-380s mandolin in good condition.  I bought it new from E.M. Shorts in Wichita, KS in April of 2004.  There’s no significant issues that I’m aware of.  There is a small discoloration area on the binding where the body attaches to the neck.  It was that way when I bought it.  There are several small dings on the bottom side where I had a Fishman carpenter jack attached until recently.  Other minor stuff like pick scratches and small dings here and there, but nothing significant.  Some tarnishing on the tailpiece.  I’ve got corrosive sweat.  It could probably easily be shined up.  Also the fingerboard extension was scooped by a woodworker friend of mine.  He did a great job.  It looks like it came that way.

It comes with an A-style case.  I paid $55 when I bought the mandolin.  I think it’s a Canadian brand.  It’s in okay shape aesthetically, but structurally good.  The mandolin is a loose fit in the case, so I use a cloth/towel to get a snug fit. 

I’ll also throw in a nearly new Levy’s strap and a package of D’Addario J74 strings because the strings need replaced.  (Or I guess I could put the new strings on for you.)

[links deleted after mandolin was sold via the classifieds at mandolincafe.com]

More pictures…



Share-it Saturday, September 13

September 13, 2008

Links for a muggy, muddy day…

  • Just what we’ve all been waiting for… the Stuff Christians Like t-shirt.  Tell the world: “I Side Hug”.  I’m definitely ordering one.
  • My brother-in-law Scott posted this funny video on his blog.  It’s British and has a bunch of political double-talk.  What else could you want?
  • Mud Puppy shares a rather humorous vintage Christian rock video from Sonseed.
  • Jon has some funny, tongue-in-cheek ideas for a Christian version of Rock Band over at Stuff Christians Like.
  • Interesting article about the mandolin player who played for Rod Stewart on the recordings of Maggie May and Mandolin Wind.