Share-it Saturday, May 31

May 31, 2008

A little Saturday linkage…


Edge of Grace @ Got Coffee

May 28, 2008

It’s that time of the month again. Edge of Grace will be playing at Got Coffee this Friday night from 6:30 – 8:30. The address is 12111 W Maple St in Wichita, KS.

Weather permitting, it will be the first outside show of the year. I wonder how may phone calls Trent will get from the neighbors this time…

I’m pretty jazzed. After getting benched for a few months, I get to rap on Jesus Freak again.

While you’re chilling at Got Coffee, I highly recommend trying the Chai Tea Latte and the Cashew Chicken Salad sandwich. Both are top notch.

It ought to be a lot of fun, so don’t miss it.

To whet your appetite (hopefully), he’s a video from a few months ago:

Lifeguard bathroom break

May 27, 2008

If any of you were at GracePoint Sunday and heard Mike’s sermon where he talked about peeing in the lake, then you’ll understand why this video caught my attention when my father-in-law, Larry, sent it to me.

May I present it to you the Lifeguard clip from the Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

Also, you can watch Mike’s sermon on maturity¬†here if you missed it.

Going to the zoo

May 25, 2008

We took the kids to the zoo yesterday and had a great time. In my experience, there are two ways to approach the zoo when the kids are in tow.

The first way is to think that you are at the zoo for yourself. You end up yelling at the kids a lot because they are constantly running ahead of you as you try to read every sign. They cry because they want to see the chimpanzees next, and not the giraffes that are on the top of your list.

The second way (and the better one in my opinion) is to realize that you are at the zoo for the kids. Go see what they want to see. Let them set the pace. Try to keep up with them rather than fighting to hold them back. Then leave when they get tired. Even if you haven’t seen everything that you wanted to see. It’s less stressful, and everyone is happier.

Get an annual membership. Then it’s not such a big deal that you don’t see everything on each trip. And you can take the family every week or two for free.

Just my 2 cents.

Share-it Saturday, May 24

May 24, 2008

Hello good people of earth!

I hope you’re enjoying this Memorial Day Weekend.

If you’re not, maybe these links will help.

  • I don’t have a clue what a hang drum is, but this hang drum solo is pretty cool.
  • Phil Keaggy, guitar master, and an ebow courtesy of Joel Klampert.
  • My good friend sent me a link to ElectroVoice’s PA Bible. Although it’s a little dated, there’s some great information on live sound.
  • Check out Rick Kirkpatrick’s Worship Mythbusters series.
  • The brave people over at the Deadly Viper blog have had some tricky discussions on sex this week.
  • Shane Duffey had another great post on leadership this week. Simple, but very true.
  • Josh Cary posted a list of the 25 recordings that were recently added to the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress.¬† Very interesting.

Dear Presidential Candidates

May 23, 2008

Dear Senator McCain and Senator Obama,

My name is Ronnie Burgess and I am an undecided blogger from Wichita, KS. I wanted to let both of you know that I am available to be courted for an endorsement.

I am not a superdelegate, nor am I a political activist. For that matter, I’m probably not very influential at all.

But I am convinced that Hillary should not be President. I am completely undecided which of you will receive my vote this fall. I am a perfect person to try your pitches out on in preparation for the upcoming two-man race.

I will guarantee at least one post per week in support of your campaign. I will be ethical at all times, and not utilize any mud-slinging tactics. And I will put a bumper sticker on my car.

All free of charge, of course.

Feel free to contact me be phone or email or in person, for that matter. I’m sure your Secret Service detail can track me down.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ronnie Burgess, a.k.a. (MandoRon)

You Know You’re Getting Old When…

May 22, 2008

Tuesday was a bit of a milestone in my life. The last 6 months or so, I’d been noticing hair growing on my ears. I remember a man at my church growing up who always had large tufts of hair growing from his ears. I don’t want to be that man. Also, I’ve been struggling to keep the nose hair in check with my electric razor. So while I was at Walgreens picking up a prescription, I decided to buy my first ear and nose hair trimmer.

Approximately seven or eight years ago, my wife and I were at a Christmas Party for our Sunday School class. It was a white elephant/gag gift party with a $10 limit. I brought an ear and nose hair trimmer that I’d found on sale. I was quite proud of myself for coming up with the idea.

A good friend, Mike Grimes, was lucky enough to select my gift from the pile. Instead of laughing or some other appropriate response, he starts thanking me. He had actually been considering buying one and was quite excited about getting a trimmer as a gift! I was really disappointed at the time, but in hindsight it was pretty funny.

I’ve been thinking about calling Mike to let him know that I’ve joined the club.