Sunday Setlist for December 14,2008

I’m a little late to the party, but hopefully there is still some fun to be had…  This week’s installment in the Fred McKinnon Sunday Setlist extravaganza is tardy due to some serious birthday party fun on Sunday followed up by Jett’s actual birthday yesterday…

So without further ado, the setlist from GracePoint:

All in all, a pretty fun Sunday.

Joy to the World was a rocked up version.  All of the K-5 kids came up on stage and danced for the first two songs.  They were hilarious to watch. Ed has posted a video on Facebook, but you may have to be Ed’s friend to see it…  I’ll try to prod him into putting one out in the public domain.  It’s a cool version.  I like it. 

Repeat the Sounding Joy was another amped up song that the kids danced to.  Rod had to do some heavy sampling on the keys to pull this one off, but it was solid.

Wholly Yours is one of my favorite DCB songs.  We always play the ending like it is on the radio version, and not the longer ending off the album.  It was perhaps a little mellow to start the off the abbreviated worship set with.

My Savior My God is another good one.  I love the dynamics of the song.  Apparently I enjoyed it a little too much because I broke a string on this song during the second service.  The remaining three strings didn’t leave me much to work with…  I was late getting in to listen to the sermon in order to replace the string.  (Thanks for letting me borrow your wire cutters Bruce!)

Yesterday continued in the Beatles-themed series “Let It Be Christmas”.   In the original recording, the guitars are detuned a whole step, so we played it a step higher, in G, to avoid detuning… 

Let It Be was used for the offering.  It was pretty solid.  Rod’s Hammond came in handy.  And Bruce nailed the guitar solo.  This was my first time to actually play with Bruce.  Very cool guy.


3 Responses to Sunday Setlist for December 14,2008

  1. Awesome setlist! Wholly yours is a great song I love it myself

  2. Sounds like a great day! It’s always fun to watch the kids sing.

  3. Louise says:

    A Beatles theme? Bet my dad would’ve loved that. Sounds funky

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