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January 9, 2009

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I just wanted to point out a few new links in the blogroll on the right…


“Pure Praise” devotional study

January 7, 2009

pure_praise_144Hey!  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about a 9-week devotional study that will be taking place over at  People from all over the country (world?) will be reading “Pure Praise”, a Bible study on worship by Worship Leader and Author Dwayne Moore, and then having online discusssions each day at

The study begins January 12.

For more information, check out Fred McKinnon’s blog and get the details on how to join in.  It’s not too late.

Sunday Setlist … January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009

 Hola!  Welcome to the first Sunday Setlist of 2009.  In case this is your first time, my blog post is part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist party that he throws every Sunday.  You can find links to many other Sunday Setlists on Fred’s blog.

This morning at GracePoint, I was on the sound board once again.  Here’s the view from the board (I apologize for the crappy quality.)


The Setlist:

Elevation – This was the first time for Elevation.  I was a little concerned about the complexity of this one, but it turned out phenomonal.  I took some video of the second service, but discovered when I got home that my camera was set on “compact video” for some stupid reason.  It’s not worth posting at postage stamp resolution…  Awesome job guys!

One Way – I think this was the first time that Christina had ever sang One Way.  She did a great job.  Fun song.  I love the bridge!

Hold You High – A great song.  Mike does a great job singing this one.

Mighty to Save – We play it more like the original Hillsong version on the “Mighty to Save” album, rather than Hillsong United on ” The I Heart Revolution” album that came out last year.  The guitar parts are cooler, although Rod usually covers the beginning guitar riff on keys.  Good song.  I really like the dynamics.  Mike got everyone singing a capella at the end.  Very nice.

Word of God Speak – The Kutless version is way cooler than the Mercy me version, so that’s what we have alway used.  Deric is awesome on this song with all of the tom-tom work, and his patent-pending “trash can” cymbal sounds awesome at the begginning.  Especially after I added a lot of delay and reverb to it.  Another great song.

Rise Above This – This song is perfectly suited to Gil’s voice.  Great dynamics as it goes from calm to screamo in the chorus.  This song is becoming a bit of a staple.  And that’s a good thing.  (I got some very low resolution video during sound check on this one too…)


As an added bonus… here is the pre-service playlist from my ipod.  I was going for sort of a sort of a 2002 rap-rock thing (well, mostly).  I also had a mostly acoustic playlist ready to go, but scrapped the idea…

  • I’ll Rise by All Together Seperate (featuring PAX217)
  • Higher Ground by 38th Parallel
  • Unbelievable by Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Old School by Inhabited
  • Wake Up by KJ-52 (featuring Toby Morrell of Emery)
  • Go by Forty Days Tempted
  • Who Am I? by 38th Parallel
  • Voices by PAX217
  • Schizophreniac by Earthsuit
  • Mary’s Song by Molly Williams

Sunday Setlist …. December 28, 2008

December 29, 2008

I’m a little late to the Sunday Setlist party, but I’m sure you’ll get over it.

I wasn’t sure of my holiday travel schedule originally, so I made myself unavailable for Sunday.  We did end up making it back to Wichita because Andrea had to work in the nursery.

So yesterday, I joined the other worshippers in the audience.  Here is the setlist from GracePoint.

Break Free is a great rocker from Hillsong.  I was slightly disgusted when Gil actually started to dance during the instrumental break…  I have an appointment with my therapist on Thursday.

Sing to the King seems to have become a regular in the setlists.  Again… a great song.

Better is One Day hasn’t shown up in a while.  I really like the Kutless arrangement except for the fact that they repeat the first verse twice.  When Petra recorded it, they used a 2ndverse.  (I don’t know who wrote the verse originally.)  Petra also had some awesome harmonies…  We usually add in the 2nd verse, but I honestly don’t remember which way the band did it Sunday.

“One thing I ask and I would seek
To see your beauty
To find you in the place your glory dwells”

Also, we play it a half step higher than recorded to avoid detuning guitars…

Give You Glory also hasn’t shown up in a while.  I know a lot of people really like it, but I can’t make myself like it.  I think it drags on and on at the end.  I’m not much of a Jeremy Camp fan either…  Carlos’ bass solo was very cool though.

Best of You has been tossed around a lot over the last few years but I don’t think it’s ever actually made it in the setlist until this week.  The band rocked this one pretty good.  Gil screamed his lungs out.

Who Will Save Your Soul was also new this week.  Christina has been singing it with her band for a while, but Edge of Grace has never used it.  She nailed it.  Good song!

Sunday Setlist… December 7, 2008

December 7, 2008

Once again, it is time to participate in Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist party.  If you’ve never checked out Fred’s blog, you should.  Go ahead and check it out right now.  I’ll wait…

Seriously.  Go!

Today was week 2 of the Let It Be Christmas series at GracePoint.  I was on the sound board again today – which isn’t the best place to actually enjoy the service.  You’re constantly analyzing how things sound, or trying to fix something.

The setlist:

  • Help – The Beatles (walk-in)
  • Break FreeHillsong
  • Take It AllHillsong
  • Sing to the King – Billy James Foote/Passion
  • Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
  • Jesus Paid It AllKristian Stanfill (offering)

 Help rocked! We’re discovering that Andy’s voice is well suited to The Beatles. 

 Break Free is one we started using earlier this year.  I love the funky bridge.  A great uptempo song from down under.  Andy was on lead vocal duties again.

Take It All is another great rocker from Hillsong.  It’s nice because we can do it with male or female vocals.  I think we’ve done it both ways, but usually it’s Amy, since she rocks it so well.  We use the standard arrangement for both of the Hillsong tunes.  (Hillsong songs sounds kind of redundant doesn’t it…)

Sing to the King is quickly becoming one of the church’s favorite songs.  Christina nailed the song, as always.  Jeff was awesome on the guitar solo.  Interestingly, this was the third lead guitarist we’ve used on this song.  More interesting is that they’ve created three completely different guitar solos for it.  [edit: video has been added to youtube!  check  it out.]

Eleanor Rigby was the traditional Beatles arrangement.  We had a guest cellist, Arleigh Aldrich, from the Wichita Symphony.  Amy covered the violins, etc… on the keyboard.  Andy was on lead vocals again.  The song was simply incredible.  It tied in really well with Bryson’s message.  We need Arleigh back again sometime.

Jesus Paid It All is stealthy.  It’s not typical Edge of Grace fare, but it works awesome for us.  I love the dynamics of the song.  It’s another one that works well for both male and female vocals.  In the second service, we changed things up a bit during the offering and Amy led an incredible time of worship after the message.  The song ended (second service only) with Amy ad libbing while Andy sang the chorus over and over.  God was definitely moving this morning!

I also want to give a special shout out to Carlos for surviving his first week on bass.  Carlos plays in a local rock band that I remember the name of right now.  He did a great job!  That’s about all I’ve got without going into the myriad of technical glitches this morning.

Have an awesome week!

Sunday Setlist … November 30, 2008

November 30, 2008

It’s that time of the week again when I participate in Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist funfest.

Today was one of the very few Sundays at GracePoint when I just show up for one service and have no responsbilities (other than getting the kids to church…) I’m essentially on an every-other-week rotation alternating between running sound and playing in the band.  Due to Thanksgiving travels, I couldn’t make band practice so I simply participated in worship.  (Although I did take notes on Eron’s mixing since I never actually get to listen to his FOH work.)

To the setlist…

Today kicked off the new Beatles-themed Christmas series, “Let it Be Christmas”.

  • Lady Madonna by The Beatles (walk-in and exit)
  • One Way by Hillsong
  • You’re the One by Chris Tomlin
  • Let God Arise by Chris Tomlin
  • Song of Hope by Robbie Seay Band
  • Come Together by The Beatles (offering)

The band rocked the Beatles songs, although I was disappointed that Jeff didn’t buy a Hofner violin bass for the series… [Edit. I reworded this due to poor choice of wording that was apparently misunderstood…]

One Way has been around a while at GP, but the message is great and the song rocks.  My favorite part of the song is the way the bridge builds up.

You’re the One was a staple for a while, but I don’t remember it showing up on a Sunday morning for quite some time. Gil does an awesome job singing on this one everytime.  I really like this song, but it doesn’t fit my mold for a great sing-along, corporate worship song.  I’d be curious to know if anyone else uses this one…

Let God Arise is another great song.  I like it when Chris Tomlin kicks things up a notch.

Song of Hope is really growing on me.  I like it more every time I hear it.  It fits Andy’s voice really well too.

All in all, It was a great Sunday to worship at GracePoint

I’ve got to say, though, that a friend’s Facebook status got me thinking this morning.  I like the Beatles.  And I like the idea of a Beatles-themed series.  But, I’m a little concerned about Christmas Eve.  I’m not sure what the plan is for the Christmas Eve service is yet, but i’m hoping that it’s not just a bunch of Beatles songs.

Christmas Eve services aren’t a great time to break from tradition.  People expect Christmas songs, a sermon on the birth of Christ, and singing Silent Night by candlelight.  GP tried non-traditional for it’s first Christmas Eve service four years ago.  I wasn’t there, but I hear it didn’t go over very well.  Apparently people got up and walked out.  A bunch of Beatles covers doesn’t necessarily make for a great Christmas Eve service.

Sorry for that little editorial…

Have a great week!

Sunday Setlist – November 23, 2008

November 23, 2008

Just got backfrom the swimming with the kids at the YMCA.  If my wet hair doesn’t drip on the laptop and short something out, I’ll participate in Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist Extravaganza.

The setlist today at GracePoint was pretty solid.

  • My Glorious by Delirious? (and yes the question mark is part of the band name… it does not indicate that I’m unsure who originally performed the song)
  • We Shine by Fee
  • You Never Let Go by Matt Redman
  • Sing to the King by BIlly James Foote/Passion
  • Song of Hope by Robbie Seay Band (offering)

It was my week to run sound, so no playing for me today.

My Glorious was new this week.  Great song.  Unfortunately, like a lot of Delrious? songs, you’re tempted to sing it with a cool English accent.

We Shine is one of our current favorites.  Fee writes some great songs.  It was also the exit song for both services.  If you were lucky enough to sting around after the second service, you got to see Gil turn red and nearly black out yelling out the last note of the song.  It was impressive.

You Never Let Go is another favorite.  Easy to play on guitar too, which is a plus for me…

Sing to the King was unveiled for the first time a few weeks ago.  This song was made for Christina’s voice.  Very powerful lyrics.  I can’t help but clap at the line “We’ll join in singing with all the redeemed. ‘Cause Satan is vanquished and my Jesus is King!”

Song of Hope is also fairly new to GP.  Rod was killing the keys on this one.

Congratulations, if you made it reading this far!

I’d be curious to hear from some other GP’ers.  Let me know what you thought.