Sunday Setlist … January 4, 2009

 Hola!  Welcome to the first Sunday Setlist of 2009.  In case this is your first time, my blog post is part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist party that he throws every Sunday.  You can find links to many other Sunday Setlists on Fred’s blog.

This morning at GracePoint, I was on the sound board once again.  Here’s the view from the board (I apologize for the crappy quality.)


The Setlist:

Elevation – This was the first time for Elevation.  I was a little concerned about the complexity of this one, but it turned out phenomonal.  I took some video of the second service, but discovered when I got home that my camera was set on “compact video” for some stupid reason.  It’s not worth posting at postage stamp resolution…  Awesome job guys!

One Way – I think this was the first time that Christina had ever sang One Way.  She did a great job.  Fun song.  I love the bridge!

Hold You High – A great song.  Mike does a great job singing this one.

Mighty to Save – We play it more like the original Hillsong version on the “Mighty to Save” album, rather than Hillsong United on ” The I Heart Revolution” album that came out last year.  The guitar parts are cooler, although Rod usually covers the beginning guitar riff on keys.  Good song.  I really like the dynamics.  Mike got everyone singing a capella at the end.  Very nice.

Word of God Speak – The Kutless version is way cooler than the Mercy me version, so that’s what we have alway used.  Deric is awesome on this song with all of the tom-tom work, and his patent-pending “trash can” cymbal sounds awesome at the begginning.  Especially after I added a lot of delay and reverb to it.  Another great song.

Rise Above This – This song is perfectly suited to Gil’s voice.  Great dynamics as it goes from calm to screamo in the chorus.  This song is becoming a bit of a staple.  And that’s a good thing.  (I got some very low resolution video during sound check on this one too…)


As an added bonus… here is the pre-service playlist from my ipod.  I was going for sort of a sort of a 2002 rap-rock thing (well, mostly).  I also had a mostly acoustic playlist ready to go, but scrapped the idea…

  • I’ll Rise by All Together Seperate (featuring PAX217)
  • Higher Ground by 38th Parallel
  • Unbelievable by Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Old School by Inhabited
  • Wake Up by KJ-52 (featuring Toby Morrell of Emery)
  • Go by Forty Days Tempted
  • Who Am I? by 38th Parallel
  • Voices by PAX217
  • Schizophreniac by Earthsuit
  • Mary’s Song by Molly Williams

6 Responses to Sunday Setlist … January 4, 2009

  1. Louise says:

    Some new ones for me. Going to check them out.

    Mighty to Save is such an anthem, isn’t it?!

  2. Paul J. says:

    Nice lookin stage setup too….

  3. mandoron says:

    Cool video from yesterday morning, courtesty of Eron Rawson.

  4. Great setlist I love the set up of the stage also

  5. I found it interesting that you guys had someone different lead on almost every song.
    Awesome set!
    Were going to do Mighty to save soon! It always goes over really well with our congregation!

  6. mandoron says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Steffanie, we typically (but not always) do lead vocals by committee. We have 6 very talented vocalists – four of whom have been lead singers in bands and/or solo artists. And we don’t have a “traditional” worship leader on staff either. So sharing lead vocals makes a lot of sense, for us anyway.

    Typically we will have 2, 3, or sometimes 4 vocalists, and everyone will usually lead at least one song.

    Beginning next week, I’ll start adding information about # of vocalist and instrumentation each week.

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