Top Posts of 2008

Just in case you’re insanely curious, I thought I’d share which posts generated the most traffic this year.  Note that the top five generated a heck of a lot more hits than the second five…

  1. Unmountable Boot Volume – this post ranting about laptop trouble generated a lot of search engine hits for a while
  2. “Vision” Demotivational Poster – a lot of search engine hits every day
  3. Demotivation – this was one of my personal favorites.  It continues to generate traffic almost every day.  It was even linked to by a business consultant’s blog as worth reading.  I’ve been thinking about doing a part 2.
  4. God of This City – this blog about the story behind the song continues to generate regular hits.  This was written before I got burned out on the song…
  5. Funny Chili’s Commercial – “Musical Chairs” – funny, funny, funny!  I got a lot of search engine traffic while this was first running on T.V.
  6. T.O. versus Pacman – this post has been getting a lot of image search hits lately for the photo of Terrell Owens that I used.  Not sure why…
  7. Underwear Attack! – another favorite post.  My kids are funny people.
  8. Baby Named Jesus – video of a Christmas song that my daughter wrote
  9. Mandolin for Sale – I sold my mandolin pretty quick!
  10. Skillet was on fire! – post about a Skillet concert, complete with pyrotechnics, last winter.

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