Christmas Eve Musings…

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sitting in the La-Z-Boy blogging…  What a loser!

Yesterday, I got to spend some time with several of my friends from high school.  Last year, several of us got together for breakfast and had a great time reconnecting.  I guess it’s officially a tradition now since we already started making plans for next year…  Joe – you’re hosting!

Here’s the group photo.  And just for the record, Andrea didn’t go to high school with the rest of us…

Chirstmas at Crista's 2008

Chirstmas at Crista's 2008

Since we’re leaving town tomorrow, Andrea and I gave the kids one of their presents today – a Nintendo Wii.  I’m not sure who was more excited, me or the kids.  So today has been a Wii-filled day.

We have, however, made some time to check Santa’s location at  This is a pretty cool website.  Jada claims it’s proof that Santa really exists!

In another hour, we’ll be heading downtown for GracePoint’s Christmas Eve service.  The middle school (where we normally meet on Sundays) wasn’t available, so we’re renting the Orpheum, a historic theater in downtown Wichita.

Santa was just sighted over Egypt!

Anyway… have a Merry Christmas tomorrow.  If you’re travelling, be safe.


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