Baby Named Jesus – The Performance

As I mentioned last week, Jada and I were invited to perform at the Bentley Elementary 1st and 2nd grade Christmas program.

Last Friday afternoon was the big day, and Jada did awesome.  After school on Monday, Jada was relieved to be finally get away from “all of her fans”.  Her friends had asked her to sing all day long, and she didn’t really like the attention…  At dinner, she prayed that her fans would find something else to think about!

Anyway, I got the video yesterday, and I thought I would share.

In case you’ve missed the whole saga, it started with a Christmas song that Jada wrote a few weeks ago.  We made a video and the rest is history.


3 Responses to Baby Named Jesus – The Performance

  1. klampert says:

    ha ha ha her fans…I LOVE IT…that was so cute and fantastic.. bravo

  2. Sam says:

    Awesome! Great job Jada!

  3. Jada – AWESOME JOB! You are brave and talented…quite the combination!

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