Happy Birthday Jett

Today, is my son Jett’s 5th birthday.  (It’s also Uncle Mike’s birthday, so we’ll wish him Happy Birthday too…)


We threw a birthday party for him at the Northwest YMCA yesterday.  It was a blast.  Jett scored a good assortment of toys for boys… Batman, Transformers, and Nerf guns.  Unfortunately the electronic drum pad that we gave him doesn’t work and needs to be replaced.

After opening presents, the kids spent 45 minutes on the climbing wall and boulders.  Then 45 minutes swimming in the indoor pool.

Here you can see the kids receiving climbing instructions.  Only 5 of them braved the wall, but they all did great!


The kids who were intimidated by the wall, climbed all over the boulders.  Here is Jett conquering the boulders.


 Yes, I realize it’s Jett’s birthday, but I have to brag on Jada too.  She made two attempts at the wall.  The first time, she raced halfway up, and then got stuck because she couldn’t make the stretch to the next handhold.  She spent at least 5 minutes trying though…  I’ll share the video later this week.

The second ascent (different line) she had the same trouble.  She got halfway up, and then had to spend several minutes figuring out how to make the transition to the top section of the wall.  But she did it.  She then went all the way up and rang the bell.  She’s the one in the middle.


Finally, I’ll leave you with a little “Happy Birthday” and Jett blowing out the candles.


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  1. brianpjackson says:

    looks like a great time by one and all

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