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Today brings the third installment in my guest blog series.  Two more to go…

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Hi.  My name is Brian Jackson.  I am executive pastor at GracePoint Church, which is where Ronnie attends.  He asked me to write a “guest blog” for him this month.  So here goes.

Last month, the GracePoint staff team got together for our 2009 Planning Session.  We spent a lot of time looking at how we did in 2008 and we got all of our ministry goals laid out for 2009.  After we had developed all of our ministry goals, Bryson (our lead pastor) challenged us to think about another set of goals… our Personal Goals.

Bryson asked each of us to set goals in the following areas:  Spiritual, Physical, Financial and Marital.  I honestly thought (no brown-nosing) that it was a brilliant idea, because these are often the areas of our lives that we let slide.  We focus on our ministry or on our jobs or on our kids, and totally forget about our marriages, our spiritual health, our physical health and our financial health.

So we each were required to set goals in these areas by today (Oct 15).  Here are my goals: 

Spiritual – Read at least one chapter of the Bible every day.

Finances – Act our wage… live within our means.  Remove no money from savings (except tuition).

Physical – Complete a 50-mile ultra-marathon before I turn 50-years-old.  Maybe.  I’m going to see how the 26-mile marathon goes this weekend before I decide for sure. 

Marital – Weekly date night plus one small act of kindness each week.

Not only did we set goals, but we also assigned a person on staff to hold the others accountable for certain goals.  Bryson will hold everyone accountable to their spiritual goals.  Others will take care of other goals.  Like I hold the guys accountable for the physical goals.  Tricia holds the women accountable for physical health goals. 

We are even doing a visibility board in the office for our goals.  It won’t list the actual goal, but we will each have to “grade” how we are doing in the four categories.  And it will be up there for everyone to see.

I would really encourage each of you to think about your personal goals in these areas and maybe share with us here in blog land what you are going to try to accomplish . 


2 Responses to Setting Personal Goals

  1. mandoron says:

    I’m not much of a goal setter. I did, however, set a goal for myself back in January to write one song per sermon series this year. I’ve fallen off the wagon. The last song I wrote was back in April, I think. Just haven’t made time for it…

  2. Dan says:

    If you’d like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    A mobile version and iCal are available too.

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