Off Limits?

Good morning. I’m sitting at the table, trying to decide between 3 topics for today.

One is a little to lengthy and deep for a Friday.  It’ll probably show up next week.

Topic two is well within established criteria, and is likely what the next post will be about.

Topic three crosses a boundary that I set for the blog many months ago. I’m torn between being open and honest about something, and potentially ruffling some feathers.

I can hear Andrea saying… “is it nice, and is it necessary?”

Is it nice? Not really. Is it the truth? Yes. Is it necessary? This is the unanswered question.

Fellow bloggers… are there subjects that you keep off limits? I’m curious.



3 Responses to Off Limits?

  1. Cody says:

    if it is absolutely a whole truth, why not? i believe we can be completely honest about anything. issues only come about in our tone or through our purpose. it is truth, i say bring it!

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh Boy, this is a good question. Generally, I am an open book. I blab about anything that interests me/makes me laugh/irritates me.

    But I guess my line is drawn at expressing myself when it comes to other churches or nonprofits. If someone really ticks me off at another church or nonprofit, I will probably keep my mouth cloased.

    Same goes for politics in ICT. State and national I have no problem expressing my opinion but as a representative/spokesperson for the Red Cross, some things I keep my lips sealed about.

    Although, if you ask me in person, I will give you an earful!

  3. mandoron says:

    Thanks for the wise counsel.

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