Odd Advertising

A few days ago, I was checking out AINtv.  This week they’ve had coverage of the National Business Aircraft Association show in Orlando.

The oddest thing happened though.  When I clicked on a video, a 30-second ad for the band Tokio Hotel came on.  The ad mostly consisted of a clip from one of their music videos.

Now, I’m used to seeing ads before online videos… but it seemed like a really inappropriate pairing. I’m trying to watch a video about the newest multi-million dollar plane from LearJet, and here’s an ad for a rock band made up of wild-haired German teenagers dressed in black.

Seems like American Express, or Ping golf clubs, or Mercedes advertising would have been more appropriate.

Maybe the only advertising they could sell was to a German band that just released their first U.S. album.

Who knows…

I imagine most people were turned off by it.

On a side note… I honestly thought the lead singer was a “she” at first.  Kind of scary.


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