Dirty Little Secrets

My church, GracePoint, is starting a new series tomorrow called “Dirty Little Secrets”.  Bryson talked about it a little on his blog Thursday.

I imagine that the pastors intend to talk about overcoming addictions, pushing aside our pride, and finding freedom in the truth.  However, I’m hoping that they also talk dealing the revelation of other people’s Dirty Little Secrets.

Monday night, completely by accident, I found out about a Dirty Little Secret in my own family.  I think I’m still in shock to some extent.  Finding out broke my heart, to be honest.  Emotions that I can’t find names for, having been going through my head in rapid succession.

It sucks. I’ve been praying that God will show me what I’m supposed to do and say. 

I mention the organization, Deadly Viper, a lot.  They started a movement called People of the Second Chance. God tells us to respond with radical love and radical grace. I’m trying to learn what radical grace looks like in this particular circumstance.


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  1. terryjohnson says:

    Wow good point – will pass it along. Very true.

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