Irrationally Committed

Seth Godin has an interesting post about being Irrationally Committed.  Go read it; then come back…

The first thing that crossed my mind is Sunday mornings at GracePoint Church.  Every week, there are dozens of people who put in an irrational number of hours doing church to reach people that are hurting.  The people of GP will do anything.  They are irrationally committed.

Andrea and I are irrationally committed to each other.  We drive each other nuts sometimes, but still we are committed.

What, or who, are you irrationally committed to?


One Response to Irrationally Committed

  1. karl says:

    Everyone should read “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.”
    It say, in short, rationality gets you nowhere. But since we can now rationally know that, we’re not being irrational to be irrational.

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