Happy Birthday Jada!

Seven years and nine months ago, my wife was having outpatient surgery.  The nurses were acting really odd that morning as they got her ready.  After about an hour, the doctor comes in and tells us that there was a change in plans. 

I was thinking “crap, he’s got to go deliver a baby and we’ll be here all day.”  He told Andrea that she was pregnant, and he wouldn’t be able to put her under using general anesthesia.

Apparently, they always test women of child-bearing age before surgery just in case.  The nurses didn’t know if it would be good news or bad news so they waited and made the doctor tell us. 

He knew that we’d been trying for years and that Andrea had been undergoing fertility treatments.  We had just recently given up because they weren’t working, and had started talking about public adoption.  In fact, the fertility doctor had told us that it was impossible for her to get pregnant that month.  Guess he was wrong!

Andrea went to the store later that day and bought several pregnancy tests to check for herself.  When we made an appointment with the fertility clinic for an ultrasound confirmation, they told us we were crazy but we could come in anyway.  I thanked the doctor after the ultrasound, but he said “don’t thank me, I didn’t do anything.”

Andrea was in shock for at least a month.  Serious disbelief. It was kind of funny actually.  She was also mad at me because I called everyone I knew while she was in surgery, and she didn’t get to tell anyone.  Not that she was capable of doing it anyway in her state of shock.  When we found out that Jett was coming, I did let her tell everybody.

Nine months later, Jada Noel came into our lives.  Her middle name is Noel because her conception was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. (FYI – My son’s middle name is Immanuel because Andrea’s due date was Christmas Eve.)

Here name comes from a Seventh Day Slumber song called “Jada”.  I emailed the band after she was born.  They thought that was pretty cool.

Today she turns seven.  Not quite a girl, not quite a woman.  Or at least it seems that way somedays…

Parenting is really hard work some days.  We have a huge responsibility to raise kids that will not only not be a burden on society, but actually contribute and help make the world a better place.  That weighs heaviliy on me.  They are little sponges that pick up everything, both good and bad.  She makes me a better person.  She’s my blessing from God.


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    HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!

  3. A miracle baby. Awesome. Congratulations on your beautiful family!

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