Mandolin for Sale – Sold!

The mandolin is sold, but feel free to read anyway…

It’s time to part ways with the mandolin that put the “mando” in MandoRon.  I’m selling my first mandolin, a Kentucky KM-380s.  It’s going on the market because I don’t ever play it since I bought the Breedlove, and I need to fund an in-ear monitor purchase.

The specifics:

Kentucky KM-380s mandolin in good condition.  I bought it new from E.M. Shorts in Wichita, KS in April of 2004.  There’s no significant issues that I’m aware of.  There is a small discoloration area on the binding where the body attaches to the neck.  It was that way when I bought it.  There are several small dings on the bottom side where I had a Fishman carpenter jack attached until recently.  Other minor stuff like pick scratches and small dings here and there, but nothing significant.  Some tarnishing on the tailpiece.  I’ve got corrosive sweat.  It could probably easily be shined up.  Also the fingerboard extension was scooped by a woodworker friend of mine.  He did a great job.  It looks like it came that way.

It comes with an A-style case.  I paid $55 when I bought the mandolin.  I think it’s a Canadian brand.  It’s in okay shape aesthetically, but structurally good.  The mandolin is a loose fit in the case, so I use a cloth/towel to get a snug fit. 

I’ll also throw in a nearly new Levy’s strap and a package of D’Addario J74 strings because the strings need replaced.  (Or I guess I could put the new strings on for you.)

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