Share-it Saturday, September 20


  • A little McCain-Obama humor for you.  Very funny video.
  • America’s Next Top Pastor.
  • Ode to Joy as performed by Beaker.
  • If you’re looking for more Muppets fun, also check out Gonzo and his chickens performing The Blue Danube Waltz, Beaker and the Swedish Chef (with guest appearance by Animal) performaing Habenera, and a group of Muppers performing Stars and Stripes Forever. My kids loved these.  I did too…
  • Very cool video of acapella pop rock group Mosaic.  They are currently competing on MTV’s Top Pop Group show.
  • Just in case you haven’t seen it… “Where the Hell is Matt?” is the 3rd video from Matthew Harding where he literally dances around the world. Pretty entertaining. Incredible locations.

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