How do they find me?

One of the interesting things about blogging on WordPress (or any other blogging site I imagine) is the stats page.  I particularly enjoy seeing the search terms that people used to end up on my blog.

One of my all-time favorites occurred today – “gambar equipment & utensil dapur“.  I don’t even know what that means. 

Other fun search terms have been “skillet pyro“, “hay soos“, “and I’ve never been to Boston in the fall“, and “spider-man, spider-man, does whatever a spider can“.  You gotta love Google!

Less entertaining, but more predominant…  Nearly 1,000 people have found my blog using “unmountable boot volume“.  There are three others (with variations) that are used pretty much every day: “story behind God of This City“, “demotivation“, and “chili’s musical chairs commercial“.

These all lead to the top all-time posts:

So tell me, how did you get here?  Leave a comment.


8 Responses to How do they find me?

  1. Mike M. says:

    Made a left at Cleveland

  2. mandoron says:


  3. karl says:

    i moonlight for the Dept. of Homeland Security, and we read EVERYBODY.

  4. “unmountable boot volume“

    What is this?

    I own a site that compares test preparation, but somehow my site ended up on the first page of Google results (for a while) for the phrase “comparison testing”. I don’t even know what that is.

  5. mandoron says:

    It’s crazy… I had no real content about “unmountable boot volume”; I just shared that I was getting the error. It tripled the traffic for a month. I don’t know why the search engines liked it so much.

  6. I was married to you briefly once on Facebook.

  7. mandoron says:

    When I told you about that on Sunday, it was strictly between us. I hope nobody tells my Andrea!

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