My Ragamuffin Soul shirt is on its way

I just ordered my Ragamuffinsoul shirt from Blirts.  Have you got yours?

In case you don’t know, Blirts is an endeavor started by Dustin Bryson and Chris Merriam.  It’s pretty simple:  Blogs + Shirts = Blirts.

First, you have a Threadless-style t-shirt contest.  Then Blirts prints and sells the winning design.  Blirts makes $5, the blogger makes $5 (Carlos is donating his money to Compassion International), and the rest goes to provide water for a year to a child in Africa.  Very cool concept and Carlos over at is the guinea pig.

If I thought anyone would buy one, I’d have a MandoRon shirt.  I’ll think about it.


One Response to My Ragamuffin Soul shirt is on its way

  1. Kevin says:

    My Ragamuffin shirt’s on its way too…

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