“I Love the 80’s” Grand Finale

From GracePoint, the church that brought you such 80’s classics as Living On A Prayer and Whip It, may I present two new instant church classics.   This Sunday was the grand finale of the “I Love the 80’s Series”, and it appears that Edge of Grace went out with a bang.  (Unfortunately, I was out of town and missed it.)

First up is Addicted to Love.  (And yes that’s a dude – Larry – in the middle.  Very frightening indeed…)

And second is Sweet Child of Mine.  Kudos to Bruce Despommier making his first EOG appearance as Slash.

If anyone posts the video for Home Sweet Home or We’re Not Gonna Take It, I’ll be sure to share those also.

FYI – You can catch these guys (minus costumes, I imagine) at Zoobilee Saturday night.


3 Responses to “I Love the 80’s” Grand Finale

  1. Eron says:

    yea home sweet home was pretty dang awesome

  2. terryjohnson says:

    Can’t find the Home Sweet Home but We’re Not Gonna take it and another Guns N’ Roses version is at this link…http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/676915 … and a quick cameo by yours truly (really quick).

  3. Vince says:

    that was pretty painful…but awesome!

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