Jay Leno, Here We Come

We got some some cool news today that I thought I’d share.  Okay, I thought I’d brag a bit.

As you may recall, Andrea and I are going to the LA area soon. We found out yesterday that a friend has hooked us up with VIP passes to The Tonight Show on Monday, September 8th.  Very cool stuff.

But even better, Andrea discovered this morning that Mr. Olympics himself, MIchael Phelps, will be a guest that night. Extremely cool stuff.

I must say that we’re quite excited.


2 Responses to Jay Leno, Here We Come

  1. SWEET!
    You need to wear a CHURCH DOESNT SUCK T-Shirt when you go to the taping…. and do something that gets you on camera! HAHAHA

  2. Terry says:

    That is awesome man! I am so pumped (and jealous) for you! What an amazing experience.

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