I’ve been thinking a lot this year about the presidential election. In my opinion, the most qualified people are either not egotistical enough or too smart to actually run for president.  That means that we have to decide who we’re willing to settle for.  In an interview on NPR yesterday, Michelle Obama talked about the “game” of politics.  It’s really too bad that it is more of a game, than genuine servanthood.

Early on this race, I took a liking to Barack Obama.  My dad said it was because I didn’t know enough about Obama to dislike him.  He was probably right. 

I admit it, I’m drawn to Obama’s charisma.  He’s exciting.  McCain is kind of boring. I really struggle to see him as a maverick.

I don’t see eye-to-eye with Obama on many issues. But I believe him to be a man of character based on what I’ve read.  I believe he is a strong Christian.  I believe he has more capacity to unite than McCain. I believe that he is a change agent. I like the fact that he’s black. 

But a lot of things bother me too… 

I need to do some more research on McCain.  I’m just not sure that he is somebody I can vote for.  Time will tell.

If I vote the issues, I probably lean towards McCain.  If I vote character and leadership and change, I lean towards Obama.

Those are just my thoughts at the moment. I’m sure they’ll change.


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