C is for Cookie

I came across an interesting article in the Wichita Eagle today – “Trip to NYC is icing on Wichita cookie lover’s cake“. Kim Burton (who I’ve met at work before) got a free trip to New York and was asked to help ring in the Stock Exchange today. 

All because she loves Hydrox cookies.


Kellogg’s is reintroducing Hydrox cookies, in part due to her website, spacefem.com/hydrox , professing her love for the cookies.


If you’re a hardcore fan, go check out the official website www.hydroxcookies.com.

Interestingly, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Hydrox before…   Personally, I like Nutter Butters and Chewy Chips Ahoy.

What’s your favorite cookie?  Add a comment and share.  I’ll bring the milk!


One Response to C is for Cookie

  1. My Dad makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. He is a cookie ninja!

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