Customer Service and The Geek Squad

I recently heard Brad Anderson, Best Buy CEO, speak at the Leadership Summit.  One of the subjects he mentioned briefly was the Geek Squad.  Brad told how impressed Best Buy had been with the Geek Squad when they were a seperate company in Minneapolis, and how they persued them for quite a while as an acquistion because they thought the culture of the Geek Squad matched Best Buy’s so well.

So obviously this post titled “A Geek’s Guide to Great Service” from the Mavericks at Work blog caught my attention. It’s well worth reading.

I didn’t realize that there was such a rich culture behind the company.  They are fanatical about their culture and fanatical about customer service.

One of the parts of the pledge that they have to take reads:

“Assume every problem is my fault, unless proven otherwise.”

I think customer service everywhere would improve if every company took this to heart.  Instead we get defensive immediately, and start arguing or blaming someone else…

Go read the article.  It’s five minutes well spent.


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