Born To [fill in the blank]

Watching the Olympics has reminded me of something that came up at the Leadership Summit recently.  One of the speakers (I don’t remember which and I’m too lazy to go grab my notes) talked about finding your “sweet spot”.

I believe that all of us were born to do something better than anyone else.  The trick, however, is getting in tune with your sweet spot.

My definition of “sweet spot” – the strange intersection of skills, giftings, and calling. Here is where we find people doing things that are extraordinary.


Michael Phelps – This man was definitely born to swim.  Eight gold medals in Beijing.  Who can argue with that? Michael is an incredible athlete and would likely excel at whatever he does.  But swimming is definitely his sweet spot.

Usain Bolt – Did you see the 100m finals Saturday night?  Usain was born to run fast.  He let up well before the finish line, checked his rivals, played to the crowd, and started celebrating.  Oh yeah… And he set a new world record.  He made it look so easy.  Interestingly, he just started competing in the 100m this year.  Everyone thought he was too tall to be fast at that short of a distance…

Dara Torres – Also born to swim.  At age 41, she nearly won the gold medal in the 50m freestyle.

Tiger Woods – I think TIger was literally born playing golf.  He’s an animal.  It’s not just the athleticism, but the drive, the heart, the mind, the skill, and the name.

Michael Jordan – Born to play basketball.  No explanation needed.

Switching gears a bit…

Tommy Luckner – Tommy plays lead guitar in our band at church.  He was born to play electric guitar, as some of you can attest to. Rare combination of a lot of natural talent, perfectionism, and OCD to practice one part for hours at a time until he nails it.

Rod Nance – Rod also plays in the band.  He’s the guy you see with the six keyboards and the occasional keytar.  Also freakish ability.  Definitely born to play the keys.

Bill Gates – Born to take over the world one computer at a time.

Warren Buffet – Born to make money from investments.

Mother Teresa – Born to minister to the poor.

So all of this has got me thinking…  What is my sweet spot?

I’m decent at a lot of things, but can’t really say I’m extraordinary at any one thing.

Maybe God hasn’t shown me yet.  Maybe I haven’t listened.  Maybe I was born to be a dabbler… dabble in this, dabble in that.

How about you?

What were you born to do?  What “event” can you win the gold medal in? Feel free to share.


3 Responses to Born To [fill in the blank]

  1. Is there a gold medal for being a smart-ass? If so, that’s my event!

  2. mandoron says:

    I’m afraid you’d only take silver… I’d win the gold.

  3. Gil says:

    I think you’re both overlooking another contender….

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