Not A Typical Day at GracePoint…

My church, GracePoint, is in the middle of an 80’s themed series right now.  “Big Hair, Bad Debt, Good Music!”

What makes this series so “special” at GP, is that most of the guys in the band previously played in two different 80’s cover bands.  They loved life in the 80’s, and enjoy reminiscing with the rest of us… Today, they went a little nuts and wore appropriate 80’s attire.

Thanks to Kelly Martin (proud wife of the bass player who looks a little like Olivia Newton John in the videos), you too can experience the 80’s at GracePoint.

First up is Living on a Prayer, complete with Tommy rockin’ the Talk Box and Mike doing his best Bon Jovi impression.

Yes I realize that Salvation is Here is a modern song, but Kelly posted the video on youtube too.  Great job on the bass solo Jeff!

Jeff, I really am sorry about the ONJ comment.  It’s just that someone made a comment that they were expecting the band into “Physical”.


4 Responses to Not A Typical Day at GracePoint…

  1. Andrea A. says:

    I felt like I was back in 8th grade at a school dance only this was even cooler because it was live! Gil, Mike and gang were scary good in this.

  2. mandoron says:

    Just in case you need more 80’s, here’s a link to a recent video clip of Edge of Grace performing Whip It…

  3. Buck Rogers says:

    The best part about having Jeff dressed the way he was, was the fact i was pretty sure that no one was going to be looking at me as ALL eyes were on Jeff!!


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