Share-it Saturday, August 17

Good morning people of the world.  I’m sitting at the table eating a chocolate-chip pancake.  My wife thinks I’m nuts for not liking chocolate-chip pancakes.  Oh well.  It’s better than cereal.

Funny stuff this week.  I think you will find this week’s links to your liking:

  • My friend Andrea shares an awesome story about her five-year old singing about Jesus & the Spider-Pig.
  • Very funny cartoon over at  Thanks to fellow GP’er Christina  Espinoza for pointing this out.
  • New song from Lincoln Brewster that you can download for free.  The guitar riffs are incredible.
  • Ideas for Christian Emoticons over at Stuff Christians Like. Don’t forget to read all of the comments too. <‘)))><
  • Hilarious OfficeMax commercials where a guy is paying for stuff with pennies.  Good stuff.
  • Funny video of kid climbing inside a crane-toy-game thingy.  (I don’t what they’re called…)

3 Responses to Share-it Saturday, August 17

  1. You REALLY need to watch THIS video, VERY FUNNY!

  2. Actually this one is better, its got all of them:

  3. mandoron says:

    Badgers! We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers!

    Seriously though, thanks for sharing. Those are pretty funny.

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