Leadership Summit – Friday Afternoon

Thoughts from Friday afternoon at The Leadership Summit.

Session 8 – Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson is the CEO of Best Buy and one of the coolest leaders that I’ve seen.  He genuinely loves people and wants to see the succeed.  Making money almost seems to be secondary to him.  He started out on the sales floor of one of the electronics stores that later became Best Buy, and worked his way up the ladder.  He had no desire to lead for a long time.

  • Lots of people have gifts, but don’t get the chance to use them
  • Employee engagement is very important to Brad.  Twice a year they survey the engagement of employees, and have been doing this for 10 years.
  • It takes an authentic, caring leader to raise the engagement of an employee
  • True leaders derive joy from the stories of empowered people, not from their own success
  • If things aren’t getting better, they are getting worse and you are destroying your human capital
  • Humans are incredibly complex puzzles
  • Disgruntled or troubled people eventually create problems in the numbers
  • You can discover future business problems by looking in the eyes of your people
  • Curiosity to understand “why things happen” is a key trait for a leader

Session 9 – Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, spoke on Mother Teresa and her relentless pursuit of God.

  • Mother Teresa vowed to follow God’s bidding without delay
  • Too often we want God to support carte blanche whatever we’re doing rather than supporting carte blanche whatever God is doing
  • What do you do when God taps you on the shoulder and tells you to step up?
  • There is a direct correlation between complete surrender to God and receving a new assignment
  • We are called to say “yes, without delay” and not to weigh God’s directions against our comforts
  • Some people will misunderstand and misrepresent our calling
  • Callings are precious commodities; they are holy things
  • We have to keep carrying out our calling, even when we can’t feel God’s presence

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