Leadership Summit – Thursday Afternoon

More notes from The Leadership Summit.

Session 3 – Bill George

Bill George is the former CEO of Medtronic and is currently a Harvard Business School Professor and author.  At the age of 8, his father began encouraging him to strive to become a CEO of a major corporation.  Bill spoke on Finding Your True North.

  • There is nothing enlightening about shrinking around around other people thinking that it will make the more comfortable.  Always be yourself.
  • Getting people aligned with the vision is much harder than getting the numbers right.
  • Passion to lead comes from your life story, not from your talents and competencies.

Bill’s keys to leadership:

  • Understand the purpose of your leadership – “follow your compass and not your clock”
  • Gain self-awareness
  • The real test of your values is when things are going down the drain
  • Follow your motivation and capabilities
  • Building a support team around you is important
  • Lead an integrated life – be the same person in all environments

Session 3 – Wendy Kopp

Wendy Kopp is the founder of Teach for America. Bill Hybels interviewed Wendy on her passion for education, and unfortunately he did most of the talking.

  • Sacrifice adds value to your life
  • Disparity in education is a huge problem, but a solvable one

Session 4 – John  Burke

John Burke is the lead pastor at Gateway Community Church and author of No Perfect People Allowed.  John spoke on Leading in New Cultural Realities. 

  • “How many sexually-active, drunk atheists do you have in your church?”
  • Jesus came for messy, broken people.  We have to get our hands dirty to reach them.
  • Am I leading more like Jesus, or more like the Pharisees?
  • Don’t make it difficult for people to find God.  Don’t be a barrier to God’s grace.  Are we teaching people to hate others?  Gays for example.
  • Authentic, confessing community is important
  • Our job is not to change or grow people; our job is to cultivate the soil so God can grow them
  • All we have to do in order to bear fruit is to stay connect to God

Session 4 – Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith is the senior pastor at The Sanctuary Covenant Church and is freakin’ hilarious.  He spoke on multicultural leading.

  • God wants to love the world through us
  • “When Jesus comes back, it’s ultimate justice.  Until then, it’s ‘just us’.”
  • We must be able to love across race and class and place
  • Rather than saying “God told me this…”, Efrem says “I think I heard God say…”
  • The best thing a leader can say is “my bad”
  • The high pressure of what God wants to do bumping up the low pressure of what we want to do is what causes storms in this world
  • Efrem promotes socially innovative churchs

More to come tomorrow…  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll blog live…


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  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Wendy Kopp’s interview at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. It was a fantastic conference overall, and we’re glad you found Wendy’s discussion of the importance of service valuable. We are so excited about continuing to grow our movement, and want leaders to join us. If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more or joining our movement, please visit http://www.teachforamerica.org/jointhemovement.

    Ellie Campisano
    Recruitment Coordinator, Faith Community Relations Team

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