Weekend in Stillwater

I’ve been in Stillwater all weekend with the family visiting some friends from the Wesley Foundation at OSU (a.k.a. Methodist Student Center).

It’s been fun, as is any trip to Stillwater.  This is where I spent five years working on an Engineering degree.  I met my wife here.  Proposed to her here.  And we lived in Stillwater for the first year and a half of marriage.  Lots of good memories.

Friday afternoon we checked into our hotel – the recently renamed Stillwater Plaza.  I hate to blog about a toilet, but I couldn’t resist.  The toilet seat doesn’t easily go up and down because it’s crammed up against the vanity counter and hits the toilet paper roll.  Even more hilarious is that the flush handle is buried under the countertop.  You have to squeeze your hand into a little cutout to flush…  I guess they misplumbed our toilet or something.

We went to the original Hideaway for dinner with a bunch of people.  We had 19 people crammed around a huge round booth intended for 12.  It had a massive lazy susan in the middle, and was pretty cool.  I wish that I would have had my camera with me.

Saturday, we had lunch at Coney Island – another Stillwater landmark on the Strip.  I had a couple of “nuke dogs” just like I used to eat in college.  These things are awesome.  A nuke dog has mustard, sauerkraut, fritos, chili, jalopenos, american cheese, swiss cheese, tobasco sauce, and probably a few other things.  Good times!

We found out that Saturday was also fan and media day for the OSU football team.  So we took the kids to Gallegher Iba to get autographs from the football team and the women’s soccer team.  The kids had a blast.  And we got to meet Coach Gundy and a bunch of the players.  They were all really great with the kids.

I’d never gone to a fan day before.  I’ll have to go back next year and bring an autograph football.

Sunday we woke up late and checked out of the hotel.  We met my mom, sister, nephew, and niece at the world famous Eskimo Joes for lunch.  We picked up a couple of Joe’s t-shirts and gobbled down some cheese fries.

And now we’re back home.


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