Edge of Grace Rocks the Doctor Party

Just got home from a great Edge of Grace gig.  We were invited back to play the West Wichita Family Physicians annual employee party at Rolling Hills Country Club.  It was hot, but a lot of fun.
Edge of Grace

Edge of Grace

I had the great privilege of running sound this year.  I also got to bust a little rap on Jesus Freak!

I still find it a little frightening just how well Gil and Mike sing Whip It…

I took some pictures and video.  I’ll have to see how the video turned out.

For now, i’d like to leave you with a picture I call “Tommy and the Poser”.  Notice that Mike’s guitar (really Tommy’s backup…) isn’t plugged in.

Notice that Mike's guitar isn't actually plugged in

Tommy and the Poser

I uploaded some more pictures to the virb site here. Just remember to scroll down a little to get to the new WWFP album.


One Response to Edge of Grace Rocks the Doctor Party

  1. Buck Rogers says:

    Not sure but I think the poser is asleep!

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