New laptop!

Well Ribbet Computers informed me today that the Unmountable Boot Volume blue screen was due to a failed hard drive.  So it appears that we’ve lost quite a bit of rather important stuff…  Turns out that the performance problems we’ve been having were hardware related, not software like I thought.

This weekend, I’m going to take the laptop to my brother and have him put a new hard drive in it and reinstall Windows. 

In the meantime, I went to Best Buy tonight and purchased an HP laptop that was on sale. I also picked up a 500 GB external hard drive for $99 so I can begin backing up my computers.  What a novel idea…

Some people gotta learn the hard way. 

So I’ve got it connected to our wireless network, and I’m currently installing Avast antivirus software.  That will probably be enough for tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll start working on Firefox, itunesOffice, and CyberSitter.


One Response to New laptop!

  1. Sorry about that. We lost all our baby photos of Elizabeth in a hard drive failure. It really sucks.

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