Quotable Kids

You may recall from the Kung Fu Panda post a while back that my kids have a tendency to say funny things. (I imagine all kids do, but I’m sure that my kids are wittier than most due to their superior intellect…)

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

They’ve been on a roll lately, and I think I’ll start sharing some of the funnier comments.

Jett (4 years old)

“Toyotas can go like 50 miles. You can drive to Africa.” (This one occurred after watching a Toyota commercial touting their great fuel economy. A while back he was fascinated with the word, Toyota, and commented that every truck he saw was a Toyota.)

“I’m gonna knock your pants off.” (Trash-talk prior to a game of checkers with me tonight.)

Jada (6 years old)

“It’s the bluescreenofdeath!” (Yes, I know we need a mac…)

“Is it okay if we don’t keep score? I like it when everyone wins.” (Gotta work on that killer instinct.)

Feel free to share funny things that your kids have said. Or anyone else’s kids for that matter.


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