Album Reviews – Kutless and Clive Batkin

I figured it was time for a couple of music reviews…


I recently picked up Kutless’ latest release – To Know That You’re Alive. It’s pretty much typical Kutless.  There’s some great rock songs on there: “The Feeling”, the title track “To Know That You’re Alive”, and “The Rescue”.  And there are quite a few mellower songs, as well.  Personally, I would have liked more of the hard stuff and less of the softer stuff. 

It took me a couple of listens to decide that I liked it.  None of the songs grabbed me on first listen, but they are solid nonetheless.   These guys are awesome live if you ever get the chance.

If you’re a Kutless fan (or even if you’re not), this is one to seriously consider buying.

(Bonus comment: you can pick up several t-shirts for $5 at Kutless’ online store…)

You may recall that I told you about a free CD offer from Clive Batkin back on May 31. Clive is a guitarist (and mandolin player) from the UK. He recently mailed me a copy of his CD G-Force Trousers which he recorded with Joel McDermott.

The album is a mixture of original and traditional instrumentals played on guitar and mandolin primarily. Both are very talented musicians. My favorite tracks on the album are “Sweet Lady Gumbo”, the traditional “Blackberry Blossom”, “Spanish Set”, and “Blues for the Angels’ Share”.   My favorite song title is “Don’t Touch My Pig”…

Well worth listening to if you enjoy acoustic instrumentals.  Maybe Clive even has some free CD’s left.

(By the way, I accidentally left the jewel case in the back seat of my car last week.  Fortunately the CD wasn’t in it.  If I remember, I’ll post a picture showing why you should never leave CD’s laying around in your car…)


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  1. clivebatkin says:

    Dear Ron… Hi there! Glad the cd arrived OK and thanks so much for the great review – means a lot coming from a fellow mandolin player! Love the story about the jewel case – definitily post the picture up sometime! Cheers from the UK, Clive

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