Monday Exhaustion

Well it’s the Monday after three days camping at the lake.  And I’m exhausted…

I wanted to share with you about my son screaming “Shoot the freakin’ trigger!”

And about the argument with my grandma deciding whether it was a 12″ nightcrawler or a baby snake in the road.  I was right but I still lost…

And about shooting fireworks.  And the people around shooting long streaks of Black Cats at 1:00 am.

And I wanted to share some great pictures that my wife took.

But I’m just too tired.

It was a great weekend.  We all had a blast.  But we are thoroughly worn out.  Maybe tomorrow.


3 Responses to Monday Exhaustion

  1. Andrea A. says:

    What was your guess – worm or snake? Please let it be a worm. EWWWWW!

  2. mandoron says:

    There was no guessing on my part. My grandmother, on the other hand, had to guess because she wasn’t wearing her glasses…

    Definitely a worm although I’ve never seen one that long before. It was huge! Even after I picked it up, she was convinced it was a snake.

    But I humored her and killed it anyway.

    Ironically, later that day I paid $3 for a box of worms for bait.

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