Under Attack by the Bling Bling Assassin

I need your help. I’ve been struggling a little with contentment lately. Simply put, I’ve been wanting to replace my ’96 Chevy Lumina with a newer, sportier vehicle. The plan is to wait until my wife’s minivan is paid off in about 20 months.

Unfortunately, the Bling Bling Assassin has shown up. A few weeks ago I noticed a gorgeous blue Mazda 3 at a car lot near my house. After a few days of noticing it, I stopped by just to see how much it was. I sat in it. I kicked the tires. I fell in love…

So, I’m hoping that I can talk one of you into buying it, so I won’t have to look at it anymore. It’s a 2008 Mazda 3 with just under 23,000 miles. Priced at $17,988. It’s available at Saturn of Wichita.

OK, so maybe that doesn’t actually deal with the issue…

I had the urge to read God’s word tonight. I went to Youversion, and just clicked on one of the recent additions. It linked to Psalm 119:57.

You are my portion, O Lord;I have promised to obey your words.

“You are my portion, O Lord…” That really hit me hard. God is everything that we need. When we lose sight of that, we start to struggle with a lack of contentment. The Bling Bling Assassin shows up to kick our butt.

There have been times in the past when I’ve had to stop looking at the Sunday sales ads and catalogs in order to regain control of my contentment. I think that it’s time again. A Musician’s Friend catalog showed up in the mail today. It’s going in the trash.

Do you struggle with contentment? Feel free to share your struggles.


3 Responses to Under Attack by the Bling Bling Assassin

  1. First off, that Bling Bling Assassin video is hysterical and sadly, right on the money (so to speak). I struggle with contentment a lot. God forbid I see a cool book on amazon.com because chances are, if the bills are paid, I will be getting that book. I also tend to impulse buy a lot. My husband has the same problem and the two of us together have done some stupid things that eventually we had to reign ourselves in and get control and it still isn’t easy.

    Something that I think that goes along with this issue is struggling with envy.

    I am usually a pretty good person about being happy for others when good things happen to them but there are two people I struggle being happy for – my brother-in-law and his wife. Life has seemed so easy for them. While my family has had numerous financial difficulties, they seem to breeze through life with not only great homes, but enough money to take awesome vacations and purchase new cars. Once when neither my husband or I had had raises in two years due to the economy, my brother-in-law called to tell us about his $8,000 bonus on top of his 6% raise. I actually felt anger toward him after that call.

    My husband reminds me that while his brother and his wife make more $$ than us, they don’t have the things in life that really matter (good marriage, close relationships with family, jobs they actually enjoy and one that I add in there is a personal relationship with God).

    The closer I get to God the less stuff I feel I need. It’s always a struggle, but one I feel like won’t plague me forever.

    I’ve also discovered that when I really, really want something, if it’s meant for me to have it, God will give it to me. If I push it and try to get things my way I end up in trouble (i.e. being upside down in a car loan or with credit card debt). So you are going the right way my friend and even if that Mazda isn’t there when Andrea’s van is paid off, God will have put in it’s place something even better as a reward for your patience.

  2. mandoron says:

    Thanks for sharing Andrea.

    Fortunately, my wife (different Andrea) and I are opposites when it comes to spending. She would rather have money in the bank than a new book. I’d just assume buy the book once the bills are paid.

    I can actually make the car payment right now. But instead, I’m funneling the money into savings. A good marriage (and peaceful) is more important than a shiny car…

  3. terryjohnson says:

    With you on that Ronnie –

    I am like you in regards to spending and with the car. That is one of my favorite cars. Rachel and I went out to look at cars the other day and realized that even though we could afford something nicer that what we have – we definitely need to be putting the money somewhere else. We lived on one car for 2 years and it was tough. God really showed us what contentment (and patience) was through that. The tough part, for me, is that sometimes I take God’s blessing (extra income) for granted and am not responsible with it.

    Your post definitely shows a ton of character – I have learned in my short career as a husband what you summed up in one sentence about a peaceful marriage.

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