I took the kids to see WALL-E on opening night yesterday. It was a great movie.

This was the first time I’d seen a movie on a digital projector. All I can say is WOW!!! Very impressive.

A couple of thoughts on the movie…

  • The animation is incredible. Pixar rocks!
  • I really enjoyed all of the tributes to other movies like Auto, an autopilot robot, who was eerily similar to Hal from 2001.
  • There was a lot of interesting social commentary in the movie. I enjoyed “Buy n’ Large“, the irresponsible mega-corporation that owned everything on the planet.  The CEO, played by Fred Willard, runs the whole planet prior to civilization’s demise.
  • Greed, gluttony, and consumerism lead to a completely trashed and unlivable earth.
  • Perhaps most poignant (and sad) was the sedentary lifestyle of the humans in the future. There’s no real interaction with anything. Everybody floats around on a hoverchair with a video screen. The video screen is used to talk with other people and play sports. All food comes from a cup with a straw. No one has to do anything. The robots take care of even the smallest tasks. The people are so focused on their video screen that they don’t see the world around them.

Maybe I need to spend less time on the Internet…


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