Obama and Dobson

By now you’ve probably heard some of James Dobson’s comments about Barack Obama. On Tuesday’s Focus on the Family radio show, Dobson discussed a 2006 speech and made a lot of accusations about Obama’s faith.  You can read the news story here.

I think James Dobson has done a lot for America, and I really respect his ministry.  However, I think he’s gone off the deep end here.  To be fair, I haven’t listened to Dobson’s broadcast, but you can listen to it on his website.

I did, however, read the speech in question.  I highly recommend taking 10-15 minutes to read Obama’s Call to Renewal speech from June 28, 2006.

It’s an incredible speech about religion and politics. 

I don’t agree with all of his politics, or all of his decisions.  But based on what I read here, Obama is definitely a man of faith and a strong Christian.  I think I agree with his “religion”.  And I think Dobson took comments out of context and distorted Obama’s words.  Who knows why…

Don’t take my word for it.  Don’t take Dobson’s word for it.  Go read the speech. 

I’m a conservative, evangelical Republican.  But reading this speech really makes we want to vote for Obama.  … And Dobson lost some credibility with me today …

What do you think?


6 Responses to Obama and Dobson

  1. I agree with your conclusions that Dobson took a lot out of context or literally that should have been sarcastic/hypothetical. Thanks for the link to the speech itself. Interestingly there is no mention of this broadcast of Dobson’s website. It still shows the regularly scheduled program when I checked.

  2. brianpjackson says:

    I think you are right on the mark Ronnie. Except that I think I am on my way to saying that I am a no longer a conservative evangelical. Its weird. I’m reading Shane Claiborne’s “Jesus for President.” He offers some interesting insights into what politics might be like if we actually lived out the Gospel.

  3. Ronnie – I am definitely not a conservative Republican but I have admired Dr. Dobson’s insights on many issues. However, I can’t agree with this which appears to be an attempt to smear Obama. I don’t like smear campaigns and dirty politics of any kind and think this was taken out of context.

  4. Kevin says:

    Yeah, I like what the Focus ministry has done and is doing, but I think the older Dobson gets the more he goes off the deep end with some of his public positions (although I still admire the guy). Or, maybe I’m becoming more “liberal”. 🙂

    Here’s my deal though… overall, Obama wants the government to control more of our lives – financially, medically, etc.. This is not wise, nor Biblical (the Bible does have ALOT to say about how government should function and its purpose). If we let government control us more and more (under the guise of “helping”), we slide into Socialism and all of a sudden we can’t worship how we want, live where we want, or make decisions the way we want. It’s not the government’s job to take care of us. That’s the job of the church for those in need. That said, alot of evangelical Christians ,who claim to be Republican, would probably act like Democrats if they lived out Jesus’ teachings more! (There’s a conversation ender for you)

    And on a side-note, evangelical is not a political position. It’s how you relate to people because of your relationship with Jesus. So, I’ll always be an evangelical because I love telling people how God has worked and is working in my life. Therefore, evangelical, conservative Christian really should not = republican. These lines are much more blurred than they used to be…

    OK, I’ll shut up now! 🙂

  5. mandoron says:

    Great comments everyone!

    Kevin, you make a great point about the concern over bigger government with Obama. That’s definitely not something I want either.

  6. My last comment would be that if those who claim to be Christians (Republican and Democrat alike) took care of their neighbor, the government wouldn’t have to do it for us. But until then I think a government that provides helping services is necessary.

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