Our ways versus God’s way

Sunday, June 22, from my perspective:

I woke up cranky and was a little late to the middle school to start setting up for church. (Just in case you don’t know, GracePoint is portable.) We were shorthanded for audio/video setup so rather than getting to tune and warm up, I helped to finish setting up the sound system. Sound check started late. We never got the monitor levels set well.

During the first service we had video/audio sync issues for the sermon. The video guys did manage to get it fixed for the second service.

Every now and then we have a very challenging and frustrating morning. This was one of those.

Sunday, June 22, from God’s perspective:

God moved in the church anyway! He doesn’t care about monitor levels or video sync issues. His ways are not our ways.

Andrea was having a bad weekend too. But she had this to say on her blog about Sunday morning.

“Then we got into church and it rocked. The worship music was incredible. They sang a song about breaking free of chains and I just cried. I felt chained that day, so bogged down in busyness and obligations that I forgot to be joyful. I prayed for forgiveness and then thought about my cousin who is bound in the chains of addiction. I can’t imagine being 25 years old and a severe alcoholic. My heart breaks for him and my prayers flow constantly for him and his family.

We heard a great message about division in the Church. The Church being all Christian denominations. We tend to get so wrapped up in being “religious” that we forget to be loving and Christ-centered. That pretty much described me this weekend. All SELF-rightous and little joy. I won’t make that mistake again…or at least I will recognize it and kill it sooner.”

God used what we, the worship team and the production guys, had to offer that week and multiplied as only He can do.

Also interesting is the fact that there wasn’t really an invitation this week. We used a video message for the One Prayer series, and didn’t add our own altar call at the end.

But still God moved! Mike sent out an email yesterday saying that 6 people filled out cards saying they had made a first-time commitment to Christ! WOW!

God moves in mysterious ways…

Did God move you this Sunday? Drop a comment and let me know about it.


One Response to Our ways versus God’s way

  1. Gil says:

    Good stuff – way to put the whole thing in perspective. While the monitor situation was a pain, it really did seem like the music worked out pretty well regardless.

    Thanks God!!!

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