I want a Mancave

I want a mancave

Mine would include:

  • A big TV and a sweet surround sound system. No wimpy little Bose speakers either. I’m talking huge audiophile stereo system!
  • Leather recliners and a “slouch couch”
  • Movie posters
  • A music area for all my mandolin and guitar stuff
  • A drum kit
  • A keyboard
  • A workstation for recording and mixing music
  • A pool table would be nice, but it’s lowest on the priority list

What would you have in your mancave?


2 Responses to I want a Mancave

  1. I would have in my mancave:

    1. An HD projector that shot a 102 inch screen on the wall
    2. XBOX360; PS3; Nintendo Wii and PC all hooked up to projector
    3. Surround sound that would make George Lucas….well you know
    4. A popcorn machine like the ones in the movie theatre
    5. A pop machine with all my favorite pop, and its free…
    6. Stadium style seating
    7. Lots of movie posters
    8. A sound proof room with a drumkit, keyboard, and my guitar for jamming and mixing music

  2. mandoron says:

    Very nice David. I didn’t think about the popcorn machine.

    I intentionally left off the video games so it wouldn’t distract me from the music.

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