Gotee Records

I came across an interesting article about Gotee Records yesterday.  You can read the article here.

As you may know, Gotee Records was co-founded by Tobymac and is home to artists Family Force 5, Relient K, Stephanie Smith, Storyside: B, John Reuben, etc…

I didn’t really know much about the history of Gotee, so it was interesting to read how the label got started.

What really stuck out to me though, was their music distribution model. For new artists, Gotee only plans to distribute their music electronically and at concerts.  Not until an artist is established, will they distribute CD’s in stores. For example, Stephanie Smith’s upcoming album will only be available to download or at her shows.  Similarly, Family Force 5’s new EP will be distributed electronically, long before the CD comes out in stores.

That just seems like a really good idea to me.  Maybe other record companies are doing the same thing, but I’m not aware of it.

You might want to check out their free download site –  Here you can find free music from all of Gotee’s artists.


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