Songs used in GracePoint’s Sunday Morning Experience

If you’ve ever been eating lunch after church, and thought about a song you heard at GracePoint earlier that morning but you didn’t know the name or who originally recorded it – have I got something for you.

For nearly a year now, we’ve putting the songlist from each Sunday on the Edge of Grace blog. It’s usually updated by Monday each week with all of the songs played live each Sunday.

Just thought you might be interested if you didn’t already know.


4 Responses to Songs used in GracePoint’s Sunday Morning Experience

  1. Buck Rogers says:

    Okay Ronnie,
    I am missing something. Who wrote the song that we did not expect?
    Okay, nevermind. I went back and Re-read it and understand now. I was thinking that you found a song we had been doing and we had the wrong name of the person that wrote the song.

    Buck Out

  2. mandoron says:

    I apologize for loss of any brain cells resulting from confusion over my poor writing skills…

  3. Awesome. The music this week was FANTASTIC! I felt so renewed and uplifted! I heard tobyMac today on KLOVE and he sang Made to Love You and his live version wasn’t as good as the band on Sunday!

  4. mandoron says:

    Thanks for the kind words Andrea. I’ll pass that on.

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