Sunday night ramblings…

  • If I ever start my own death metal band, I’m going to call it “Fatal Voltage”.
  • I think I’m going to have to turn on the A/C tomorrow. The $200+ electric bills can’t be far behind.
  • Top 2 reasons that I love the Internet: (1) Being able to download lost owner’s manuals. (2) Watching streaming TV episodes that I missed. (Yes, I’m too cheap to get a DVR…)
  • I’ve wasted a few hours getting caught up on the last few episodes of the Office. My wife hates dumb comedies, but for some reason, loves this show.
  • We spent the last 2 nights at the Wichita River Festival. Got to listen Edge of Grace twice and eat my first fried twinkie. I highly recommend the twinkie. And the band… Ask Andrea about the fried oreos.
  • This morning, the band played a song called “Everything to Me” that Andy wrote. It’s a really good song. It was a privilege to get to play it with him. You can listen to the studio recording here.
  • This afternoon I took the kids to Play It Again Sports and spent $50 on bats, balls, and a tee. (They are both playing ball at the YMCA.) So I take them to the park to practice hitting. Jada justed wanted to feed the birds with the bread we brought. Jett mostly wanted to play in the sand at the playground. Maybe another day. At least I know where I can sell it if tee-ball doesn’t work out.

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