Chasing the Shadow of God

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon the What Leadership Demands blog. Shane Duffey has some great insights on leadership.

I found yesterday’s blog post very challenging. Go read it. It’s fairly short. Then come back for a moment.

Shane posed a question something like this: are we chasing something that looks like God (or remind us of God), or are we chasing God Himself? Are we more interested in the blessings of God or in Godly things than we are in pursuing our relationship with God?

Wow. This summed up something I’ve been realizing about myself lately. I put far more energy into my church than I do into my relationship with God.

Just like the picture above. Are we pursuing a relationship with the One who died on the Cross, or we spending all of our time in the shadow of the Cross?

I need to work hard on that. Do you?

[photo courtesy of Daniel Y. Go]


3 Responses to Chasing the Shadow of God

  1. klampert says:

    great word..and dead on…I have been doing the daily office lately getting myself into a habit of reading the word

  2. I agree. It’s easy to get caught up in working for God and forgetting to have a relationship with him. I am guilty of this myself but I have also been trying to make a concerted effort to really worship God Himself through daily prayer and even just singing (this isn’t something anyone but my Savior would appreciate, but I enjoy it).

    Great post.

  3. mandoron says:

    Thanks for the comment Andrea.

    You know, I felt really convicted when I wrote this last week. Every day since then, I’ve felt convicted that I haven’t done anything about it yet…

    Tonight I’m going to make a point to take some time to read and pray and play and sing.

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