More Sundown Parade Pictures

I took a lot of great pictures Friday night, so I thought I’d share a few more. You can see the previous post with more pictures here.

Without further adieu…

Big Rob and Darren. Big Rob is easily the coolest guy I’ve ever met.


My favorite thing about this next picture is that Ronald McDonald seems to just be randomly placed in the photo.

Driving the GP Bus. (I think the driver’s name is Sherry.)

A good overall picture of the trailer with the band, the bus, and the GP Army. I notice 2 funny things with this picture. First, Christina is on the trailer posing for the camera. Second, Don and Jan (married) are on opposite ends of the picture with similar stances that scream, “I’m bored. Let’s get this thing moving!” (In their defense, we did sit for nearly an hour after the parade started before we ever moved.)

And a special thanks to Ed for emailing a picture of yours truly: MandoRon. (Nancy I still can’t get your picture to open…, but thanks for trying.)



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