Sundown Parade

GP represented BIG TIME at the Sundown Parade last night. We kicked off the Wichita River Festival with volume, if not style. For the last several years, Edge of Grace has played on a float in the parade. Also making it’s debut appearance in the parade, was the GP bus. We also had a small army of walkers.

It was incredible!

We learned that the only thing better than one electric guitar is three electric guitars and an electric mandolin. Special thanks to GP Productions for showing up early and getting the rig ready to ROCK.

Don’t forget to check out Edge of Grace next Friday and Saturday too. Details here.

Some pictures that I took.,,

Here’s most of the gang on the float.

Christina showing us her tonsils…

Amy (notice the GP bus in the background)

Happy Birthday Jim!


There’s no pink kink in Nash’s think


Chris (a.k.a. Iron Cobra)

This was my area. (I guess I should have had someone take a picture of me…)

My e-mando parade rig

If anybody got a good photo of me, please email me.

[Update: I added some more pictures on Monday. Check them out here.]

Thanks for looking!


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