Share-it Saturday, May 10

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

This week’s links of interest.  Enjoy!

  • Interesting youtube video showing a ball bearing beat sequencer. By moving the ball bearings around, you can generate different beats.
  • Check out Threadless T-shirts. Each week, Threadless offers many new t-shirt designs. The design ideas are submitted by average joes and voted on by website viewers. It’s a pretty cool idea, and they’ve got some really cool shirts.
  • Guy Kawasaki has pictures of some really cool gadgets and other interesting things from the Maker Faire, whatever that is.
  • A few thoughts on motivation over at the In Worship blog.
  • More hilariousness (sort of) from Stuff Christians Like: Kicking old ladies in the face for God. (Is hilariousness a word?)
  • And another funny post from Stuff Christians Like on the subject of praying before meals.
  • Welcome by brother-in-law, Scott, and his family to the blogosphere – Four Kochs.

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