100th post!

Today is post number 100. Somehow, the world has endured 99 posts from the MandoRon blog.

It all started back on February 15, 2008 with my first post. At the time, I thought that I’d “probably mention music frequently, GracePoint Church, Edge of Grace (the worship band at GracePoint Church where I play mandolin), my family, my thoughts on leadership, maybe even culture.”

I think that’s held true pretty well. Music has definitely been the most frequent topic. Second, has been humor. Or at least things that I thought were funny…

For the next 100 posts, I hope to focus on leadership more. We’ll see if that happens, or not.

I just thought I’d point out a few interesting things about the blog.

  • The blog has averaged about 190 views each week according to WordPress.
  • February 28 was the most views in a day – 77.
  • Average of 8.3 new posts each week. My goal was (and is) 5 new posts each week.
  • Demotivation has been the most popular post with 109 views, followed by God of This City with 72 views. Both of these posts get traffic from search engines almost every day. Amazing.
  • 351 Spam comments. Didn’t expect that.
  • Most common search terms that find my blog: “demotivating posters”, “hay-soos”, and “god of this city story”.
  • The top clickthroughs from the blog are to an article about God of This City (32 clicks) and the Edge of Grace website (22 clicks).

Thanks to everyone that has stopped by and looked!


One Response to 100th post!

  1. klampert says:

    awesome man…congrats…!

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