Blogs of Interest

I’m currently following 73 blogs in Bloglines, which is probably too many.  Anyway, I thought I’d add a few to the MandoRon blogroll in the column on the right.

Here are the new additions:

  • Neil Greathouse – This guy is brilliantly creative, hilarious, and pulls off sarcasm much better than I do. His videos are awesome.
  • Freakonomics – The blog based on the best-selling book. There’s a lot of new posts each day (5), and theres is generally a few worth reading.
  • Mavericks at Work – One of my goals in life is to be known as a maverick. I’m hoping that reading this blog will give me some ideas.
  • Sanders Says – Tim has some great insight into leadership and life. I highly recommend his book, “Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends”.  [Note: corrected book title]

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