What to do with my tax rebate…

According to the IRS, my “economic stimulus” (a.k.a. tax rebate) should be deposited in my account by this Friday.

It’s really been very interesting reading and listening to the media’s take on the tax rebates all year. (Politicians too, for that matter.) The latest thing I’ve heard is that all of the money is just going to go to OPEC, so another tax rebate is needed.

Do you have plans on how you will spend yours?

I honestly haven’t given it much thought. I think Andrea and I discussed it for the first time this weekend, and it wasn’t much of a discussion.

Some of my thoughts:

  • Go to Sam’s Club and buy $1800 worth of rice. Too bad I don’t have a membership…
  • Pay down my student loan. It doesn’t really stimulate the economy though, does it? At least not short term.
  • Donate to the building campaign at GracePoint. Builds the kingdom, but no short term impact on the economy.
  • Buy a new laptop.
  • Buy some mosquito nets for Nothing But Nets to help prevent malaria. Actually a pretty good idea…
  • Put it in savings or buy a CD (not the musical kind). Andrea hasn’t mentioned this one, but I’m sure it’s what she’ll want to do.
  • Do something nice for the staff at my church.
  • Buy some new dress shoes. I gouged my brown ones last week on a wooden pallet at work, and my black ones are getting worn out.
  • I’m sure Best Buy is going to sell a lot of high definition TV’s, but that’s not really in my plans yet.

Any other ideas? Let me know.


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